Buddy the Cat…

Has anybody dressed their cats before?!!! Sorry all we have is baby girl clothes! lol


First he lays..

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My favorite picture…  Buddy – are you going to stare or help?  lol, I got him out of the baby girls clothes.

Bath time for Twilight

Today I finally took the time to brush Twilight’s mane…. Oh my goodness it took 1 hour and 1/2 just brushing her mane!  Then I decided to give her a bath, since it was hot where we where standing.




After!  This is after her bath too!


She is so much cleaner!!!! Makes me happy till……. She rolls!

I don’t know if some people’s horses do this, but Every time i give her a bath she rolls!  I took a video of it because I knew she would do this.  Such a goof ball!


Makes me so mad!