Me and Twilight’s new show clothes

These were taken last Friday, but I haven’t had the time to post them.  I was going to show last Saturday but my horse hasn’t had a blood test for Coggins.  It was a bummer, but at least Twilight and I can have a little more time to practice.  We both have been doing really well though!



Sarah her head is getting better at collecting! Still needs more practice though!




Emergency call!

Not really an emergency call, but I call it that when your cows get out and walking around town.  Anyways, we walked for a really long time just to put the cows back where they belong.  I have to tell you that they were along ways from where they were supose to be.

We are supose to be at the house 1 1/2 hour ago eating with companies, especially with a missionary company.  But of course the cows had to be out at the bad time.  But thanks be to God they are back in!


My quote I made up for fun!

It’s weird that I’m weird, but I like being weird…. Isn’t that weird?!

anyways…. I worked with Twilight today    (This morning since it was going to rain this afternoon). I was working on keeping her trotting and keeping her to canter. That was one of the things I have to do this Saturday. I did some barrels, and I cant explain to you how much she loves it!!! I think she’s meant to be a barrel horse, I’m not even kidding.  It’s pretty awesome though.

Have a great week everyone!

Its Thursday!

Today after school I gave Twilight a bath, since she rolled in dirt mud.  It was a nice and sunny day to give her one anyways!  She was naughty though, she wouldn’t stand still.  sigh….  Its funny though, because she loves loves loves water being sprayed in her moth and she also loves the CREEK! This summer I will totally spray her more often after riding.


Natalie and my little sis built a fence for the horses so they can have grass!  They sure LOVE it!  I mean what horse wouldn’t? lol

Ain’t this a cool pic!

Horse show

Today we visited the horse show 20 minutes by us.  I was allowed to take my horse there so I took her with so that she could get use to more horses being around her.  This was her first time to be around a lot of horses.  She was wanting to say hi to them but i didnt let her.  She didnt want to stand still so I worked on that for a while and she did great at the end!  We trotted and cantered around the arena area, did some pole bending and a lot of just watching people work with their horses too.  It was so much fun and I’m going to enter a fun show on the 27th!  Cant wait! here are pics!

I braided her hair, so that it will stay in the same side


Someday I want to show her too!  Western Showmanship!
I love my horse and I cant wait to have fun on the events that will be coming up!