Crazy Monday

My baby picture bombing. Lol
My little sis exhausted from a long day.  

This morning we moved some of the cows so that we could separate the ones that have pink eye and treat them.  I hate it when our cows get pink eyes. Everything went really well moving, thank the Lord.  We waited till this afternoon to separate the cows since my dad had a meeting.

While we wait for dad to get home everyone was doing jobs. I was weed whacking and the others were cleaning trash around the property, bush hogging and moving bales were they go.   Before we know it afternoon was here. Which meant it’s time to separate some cows!  Separating didn’t go as well as I thought they would, but we did it! So it’s been a looooong day.  But I’m thankful for the work we already have done. After things that need to be done around the property we get to build fence!!!! Can’t wait!  You guys have to come help ok!!!

Wouldn’t you rather eat icecream then garden??? I mean come on, you got to have some fun!!! IMG_1380

Cherry- rolls her eyes

natalie- mom look at cat

mom- aww you look so cute cat!

me- 😄😂🤣

Happy Best Friends Day!!!!

One of the greatest blessing I have is having the greatest friends in the world!!!  I cant find better friends than you all!!! I love you guys and cant explain on writing how much you all mean the world to me!!! sorry if some of you arent in the pictures, i literally tried to find pictures.



IMG_6591Version 2IMG_0390IMG_0367

My Bestest Friends!!! Twilight and Posey

GOOD FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to have and impossible to forget.

Life would be boring without you ALL!!!!

We took Twilight to the vet today to test her for coggins!!! She was so good about going in and out of the trailer.  When we got there Twilight didn’t sweat like she did the last time we went for a drive.   I pray she will be fine, which I’m guessing she will be.  I cant wait to show her in horse shows.  I think she will have fun as much as i will. Well i hope so anyways.

Soon my horse will be doing this! And tons more events!

Last week

Last week we went to our friends house to pick strawberries.  I had the funnest times with my friends. I really wanted to be there another week.  But we have a lot of work to catch up here.


I painted nails for 8 people including myself!  It was tiring but so much fun!
We had waffles, whip cream and strawberries one morning and it was DELISH!

    I get to see Ziph every Sunday!!!  She is so adorable!