Name: Twilight

Breed: N.A.S.H ( half Haflinger half Paint )

DOB: March 8, 2013

This pretty baby is my horse that i fell in love with.  I asked to buy her on my birthday and the answer was YES!  I was sooo excited to have my very own horse.  Before I asked to buy her i was training her and she was so SWEET i couldn’t help loving her.   She follows me everywhere and is very calm, gentle and nice to other horses.

img_6281This picture is her third time being trained.

                     The right picture is our first time cantering together.  Love my HORSE!


Name: Cheyyenne

DOB: 2012

Dont know her breed but this was our first horse.  My siblings and I where super excited to have a horse in our farm.  The picture above is my first time meeting Cheyenne.  She was not train yet but one of our friend agreed to train her for us.028.JPG

Angel is one of our friends horse and she was telling Cheyenne who the boss was.  yah she wasn’t very friendly, poor girl getting chased by Angel.


Love this picture!

Registered Name: Miss Zippo Windmac

Name: Montana

DOB: 2006

Breed: A.Q.H.A.

This beautiful horse is our second horse and my second favorite horse too.  When we bought her she was only ridden only a little bit.  She is also scared of almost everything which is kind of annoying too.  But my sister Natalie rides her the most and she is a fun horse to ride.

First time to see her, So pretty.
Natalie trying her out


Baby Ranger

Name: Ranger

DOB:  May 20th 2015

Breed: half APHA and half Haflinger.

Ranger is my sisters horse.  He was born at our farm, and when he was a baby Twilight and Ranger were buddy’s.  They both would run across the fields together.  It was so cute!

cute horses


Now Ranger is so big now!  And still so cute and handsome.