I want to cry!

I haven’t made brownies for the longest time.  Dad asked me to make brownies and I accidentally put quadruple amount of cocoa!  It tasted NASTY!

Have you ever messed up on cooking?  I have obviously…  I wanted to cry because I was suppose to make it for my brother who was coming for a short visit.  Since Natalie was gone I was the one who had to make it….

I couldn’t help but laugh when my brother Matt tried it.  At least there was a good laugh!  I still wanted to cry…

Dad said I should be in the kitchen more often… LOL, cuase im never really in the kitchen.

It was nasty and crumbly, Ill tell you that!



Movie night

It might sound weird loving this movie but it is such an adorable movie!  I haven’t watched this movie since I was 9! SO crazy



Buddy the Cat…

Has anybody dressed their cats before?!!! Sorry all we have is baby girl clothes! lol

First he lays..

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My favorite picture…  Buddy – are you going to stare or help?  lol, I got him out of the baby girls clothes.

Bath time for Twilight

Today I finally took the time to brush Twilight’s mane…. Oh my goodness it took 1 hour and 1/2 just brushing her mane!  Then I decided to give her a bath, since it was hot where we where standing.

After!  This is after her bath too!
She is so much cleaner!!!! Makes me happy till……. She rolls!

I don’t know if some people’s horses do this, but Every time i give her a bath she rolls!  I took a video of it because I knew she would do this.  Such a goof ball!

Makes me so mad!