Today I worked on leading Posey with Twilight.  Twilight was fine with it till she had to actually pull Posey,  Posey finally learned to walk on her own when twilight walks.  They did really good at the end though.  Where going to do some more of it tomorrow hopefully.


After that I played with the piglets for a while too!

Piglets love it when they get attention.

Aren’t these Piglets just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!

7 weeks old already!

Bertha the sow that just had piglets had too many piglets.  Because she only had 8 good teats for the piglets so that meant a lot would die.  So I thought of a good idea that might work.  Penny is our other sow, we just weaned her piglets so i tried to see if she would except 6 of Bertha’s piglets… I prayed this morning that she would and when I went back to the barn after bible this is what I saw, I was sooooo amazed!  I couldn’t believe it actually worked! God is so GOOD!


So Hopefully she keeps taking care of them…


Ground work…

This afternoon I ground worked my horse.  She was wayyyy better than when, I have worked on her yesterday.  I lunged her and I also rode her bare back.  I was teaching her how to neck rein because I think its a lot easier to control when you do neck reining. She is really good about that till you go to a bigger area.  But today she was awesome!  I’m so proud of her. 😇

Love this picture ❤

She is such a Sweet horse! 😄


So sorry I haven’t posted in a long time.  In this kind of weather I don’t do much.  But I did ride on Wednesday!  I wanted to share this photo of my cutie!  She was on top of the huge hay pile. You cant really tell on the picture though.  This is the first time to stand on a ow before.  It was kind of slippery from her winter fluff, but it was fun!