On our way to the mission trip!

Its a short one though.  I’m thankful to have a chance to go. I don’t know where we’re going but they said to be ready for anything! Hopefully I didn’t forget anything lolIMG_7465.JPG


21 thoughts on “On our way to the mission trip!

      1. Mexico! It was more of a youth camp, because we had memory verse classes, missions classes, and Spanish classes! We were mainly in TX, but we went into Mexico about 3 or 4 times and it was soooo amazing!!

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      2. That’s cool!!! 😉 We did some super awesome things! We went to a soup kitchen and had a bike thing where people from all over the city brought their bikes for us to fix (because one of the guys with us has a bike shop, so he brought a ton of stuff down to fix bikes with) and we went door to door and brought bags with food, toothpaste, toothbrushes and some other stuff in there. We had a translator, so each one of us had to talk to them and have the translator translate for us. I had to talk to this older guy. It was kind of awkward, but it was REALLY good for stepping out of my comfort zone! We also went to an orphanage (love homes) and spent one night in Mexico and the kids from US that were on the missions trip had to put on the whole outreach for the kids at the orphanage. It was really cool too!! We also had different color teams and in TX we had contests for the tire changing contest and cooking contest and missions olympics contest. My team won the missions olympics contest (which was the biggest one ;)), my sister’s team won the tire changing contest, and the cooking contest, and then unfairly, the boys won dorm cleanliness because they had like 5 guys in the room, and the girls had at least 20. NOT FAIR AT ALL. For all the stuff the girls had, we did really good. And they gave us like no free time to clean! XD Haha! The funny thing about the tire changing contest was that you could pick three people from your team to do it, and one jacked it up, one took the tire off, and one put it back on. But in the practice round, the same person couldn’t do the same thing as they had in the practice round. So if I jacked it up in the practice round, I couldn’t do that in the contest. I was the only girl who was picked in my team, and the other two were boys. And then on my sisters team, she was the girl, and then two other boys. They only beat us (it was timed) by like less than a minute… Anyways.. it was fun! I think ours was like 5 1/2 minutes or something… it was pretty decent! 😉 Haha! Anyways… But it was SO AWESOME! God was just everywhere we went. Everyone and everything there was centered on him, and to be in an atmosphere like that for me was not only calming, but inspiring. I loved it so much, and I can’t WAIT until the next one! I already miss all the people so much. 😦 😉 ANyways, if you read all the way through that then congrats! Sorry, i type a lot! You probably got way more than you cared to hear, but if you don’t read through it, that doesn’t bother me. I’ll stop before I make it even longer.

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    1. We got home Sunday and we did a worship gathering, I loved it! Next day we were helping separate different kinds of food in different kinds of boxes. Then we worked in a garden who had thousands of different kind of plants. We also pushed retired old people around the zoo. We did a lot more fun things! I had a lot too fun! 😁


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