Horse fun show

These pictures were from yesterday  I had so much fun!!! Twilight did so great for her first time other than she bucked a couple times.  She won 3rd place from key hole and pole bending. I am so proud of my baby! Her next show will be next month and I can’t wait! Lots of people said twilight was pretty! Thanks to Natalie and Cara who gave her a bath 😊


Twilight ran past the barrel to put my flag in lol


She bucked a couple times when I was warming her up.  Her cuteness makes it up though. 



36 thoughts on “Horse fun show

  1. Wow! Twilight is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! That looks like tons of fun! GREAT JOB with third!! That’s still really good! 😉 I wouldn’t have probably even placed! XD 😉 Haha! Something like that looks like so much fun…. man, I wish I could do that! That’s cool that you can! Especially with such a pretty horse! 😉 😉 Anyways, good job!

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