So much Fun!

Last Thursday 61 girls from Camp Submit came for a tour around our the farm.  They all had a lot of fun and A LOT of questions.  Which was awesome they asked a lot of questions.  Some asked me if we had chocolate cows and I answered yes.  Than they replied back and said dont they give you any chocolate milk?!  I wanted to laugh but I said no they dont.  They kept on asking me why not?! lol   Some thought it was gross milk came from a cow when I showed them how we milked our cows and some wanted to try to milk.  When we showed them the sheep, lots of the girls thought their hair fluff was slimmy.  They also had so much fun trying to catch the chickens who were outside of their fence area.  They loved the horses and the calves.  Everyone was super funny and nice and so much fun to be with.  Next week on Thursday the boys will come.  I hoep it goes well.    Now I want to go to Camp Submit really bad!

They loved the chickens!
and pigs!
They also loved Twilight. 🙂
I had so much fun being able to show these girls our farm

20 thoughts on “So much Fun!

  1. That’s so cool that you got to do that with them! I bet they loved it! I wish people would do that with our farm! 😉 That’s neat though! We’ve had some people come here before, but not 61! :O Wow! I love the picture with them and the chicken! XD haha! 🙂

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