Emergency call!

Not really an emergency call, but I call it that when your cows get out and walking around town.  Anyways, we walked for a really long time just to put the cows back where they belong.  I have to tell you that they were along ways from where they were supose to be.

We are supose to be at the house 1 1/2 hour ago eating with companies, especially with a missionary company.  But of course the cows had to be out at the bad time.  But thanks be to God they are back in!


59 thoughts on “Emergency call!

      1. Lol. Yeah i guess I agree with that. But other than that they are really fun to be with and their personality are so adorable when you just watch them and play with them. Well…. some cows not all😄

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    1. Wow I didn’t know you had cows, that’s cool! I hate it when our cows get out, especially the ones in town. It seems like we work hard fixing our fence but our cows still get out and the other people who owns cows doesn’t really have that nice of a fence set up, but their cows stay in. Ugh….

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  1. Haha!! XD “You know you’re a country girl when you have to make a trip down the road to find your wandering cows.” XD 🙂 That’s happened to us before too! 🙂 Only it was our milk cows…and she was grazing in the neighbors yard!! Haha!! 🙂 Nice post and pic!!! XD


      1. Haha! I wish they were halter broke!!! XD I mean, one of them used to be, but not the one that got out that day. Usually it’s our bull and the other more crazy cows that get out but don’t wander off. The milk cow was the only one… 😉 Yeah.. I’m glad that she went back in easily! XD

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  2. CAT!!!!! I absolutlely LOVE LOVE LOVE your new pic of your and Twilight on your blog header!!!! It is seriously such a gorgeous picture!!!!! You two look soooo perfect together!!!!!! ❤ ❤ Was it taken at the fun show??? I hope it went great for you and Twilight!!!!!


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