My quote I made up for fun!

It’s weird that I’m weird, but I like being weird…. Isn’t that weird?!

anyways…. I worked with Twilight today    (This morning since it was going to rain this afternoon). I was working on keeping her trotting and keeping her to canter. That was one of the things I have to do this Saturday. I did some barrels, and I cant explain to you how much she loves it!!! I think she’s meant to be a barrel horse, I’m not even kidding.  It’s pretty awesome though.

Have a great week everyone!

17 thoughts on “My quote I made up for fun!

  1. How’s this?
    I’m not crazy. Crazy people do not know that they are crazy but I know that I am crazy therefore I cannot be crazy. Isn’t that crazy?

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  2. Ha!!!! I love that quote you made up!!! 😀 😀 And that’s soooo great that you had such an awesome time working with Twilight!!! Have you ever thought about doing barrel racing with her??? ❤

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  3. That’s sooo cool!!!!! ❤ And that's so great that you're considering what's best for Twilight, and not just for yourself like I wish some horse owners wouldn't do!!! You're great!!!

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