Hay day + Mowing day!

I mowed the yard till the hay was dry
I love square baling!
last hay rack to unload!
The hay was really green!  Thank God for the four days of no rain, so that the hay would dry!
We got 268 bales in all!

29 thoughts on “Hay day + Mowing day!

      1. Doing hay yesterday was kind of a bad day too, it was windy so the hay gets in your eyes nose and even your shirt! Lol. But it was fun getting all those work done yesterday before it rained. 🙂

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  1. o fun!! i wish i can come down there sometime when you guys are square bailing!!
    but, i’ll miss you guys tomorrow:( though have fun at the potluck if you go :)!!!

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    1. I hope we can bale with you guys too sometimes! Sorry we cant come tomorrow. 😦 But we didn’t get done doing hay till 7:45 or so. Plus everyone had to shower too. And yes, you bet we will have fun tomorrow, there are FOOD!

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  2. Isn’t it funny how small things like no rain during haying, and nice green hay excite us!?!
    And I feel for you about push mowing the lawn I had to mow 2-3 acres once with a push mower that wasn’t even self propelled!

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      1. Yeah it was like 90 degrees out too! That was last summer when the riding mower was broken and the grass was growing like crazy cause of all the rain and heat!

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  3. The yard looks great!!! 😀 Mowing is so fun!!!! And great job with all the hay—-wow!!!!! 268 bales!!!! That’s great!!! So happy the rain stayed away!!! 😀

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