Happy Birthday Sarah!

Happy birthday to the bestest friend ever!!!  I have been blessed to have her as my bestie!  She has been the greatest friend who taught me and my family so much stuff about farming.  I use to not care about animals, since I lived in the city till I was 12, but  God blessed me and I got adopted by a family who owns a farm.

My second brother did most of the farming till they moved to Rockford.  Long short story,  Dad knew some things about farming but not much.  So he hired Sarah to work for us so we can teach her about farming, but it was the other way around, she taught us a lot about farming. lol  Anyways,  we use to not have horses now we do, we use to not have a milk cow now we do.  There was a lot of changes when she came ( good changes! ) Anyways she worked for us three summers. I cant believe three summers has passed.  I wish it could repeat. haha  fullsizeoutput_46ac


Sarah and her crazy pony Shanta


My favorite picture!! ❤





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