I want to cry!

I haven’t made brownies for the longest time.  Dad asked me to make brownies and I accidentally put quadruple amount of cocoa!  It tasted NASTY!

Have you ever messed up on cooking?  I have obviously…  I wanted to cry because I was suppose to make it for my brother who was coming for a short visit.  Since Natalie was gone I was the one who had to make it….

I couldn’t help but laugh when my brother Matt tried it.  At least there was a good laugh!  I still wanted to cry…

Dad said I should be in the kitchen more often… LOL, cuase im never really in the kitchen.

It was nasty and crumbly, Ill tell you that!



16 thoughts on “I want to cry!

  1. Awww sorry. Don’t feel bad- everyone does something like that sometimes. Once I accidentally put olive oil in brownies instead of canola oil and they were VERY STRANGE! LOL My family was like, what did you DO to these brownies???!!

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  2. I’ve messed up on many a recipe too!! My worst was when I grabbed the apple cider vinegar instead of the honey and put a HUGE glug in the oatmeal…. It was terrible. Another one was when I dumped an enormous amount of pepper in a dish (I don’t remember what it was!) because it didn’t have the little thing with holes in the top. So I just grabbed it and dumped!

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    1. I remember that Gracelynne…. and there was that unique apple taste even after you put in tons of sugar to hide the vinegar…😂😂😂


  3. I’ve made so many mistakes in the kitchen 😒 especially burning stuff, including myself 😩 I know how you feel, because I am a bit of a perfectionist and if everything isn’t just right I get really mad at myself 😔😂😂

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  4. ANYONE who cooks is going to make mistakes. Trust me, I would know!! Instead of stressing about it, just laugh it off! That is what I do. My siblings even remind me of the mistakes I have made….strangely, though they say those were the some of the best things I have made…I do not agree!! Just learn from the mistakes you make, before you know it you’ll be an expert❤️❤️❤️

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