Stay warm!

Hey guys! Its cold out here, it is like -10.  Just saying that gives me chills in my back.  Took some pictures of some animals,

My sheep all looking fuzzy..
Sierra my sisters sheep thought my sleeves tasted good
Posey’s itching tank :p
Our Adorable piglets all nice and warm. ❤
Our smartest pig when it comes to winter.  This is our Bertha our sow


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So sweet mommy and baby staying warm together. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Stay warm!

  1. Aww, Posey is so sweet and furry lookin’! And the baby calf! The lambs are funny looking, too. 😉
    Your horse Twilight is such a pretty girl! Hehe, she’s all curled up- my Taloowa likes to lie down too… and get muddy. 😉


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