Homemade Bread

I meant to post this earlier but Thursday I made 24 loaves of bread.  It might seem a lot to you but my family eats a lot of bread. The bread is nothing fancy I just wanted to share you what I did.  Not to be prideful though

We already eat 3 loaves. 😛
I bagged them up so it could go in the freezer.




10 thoughts on “Homemade Bread

  1. You MADE all those!? I’ve never made bread really myself much, but my sister does, and I know it’s not the easiest thing ever! And all those bread pans aren’t much fun to wash! 😛 XD Haha! 🙂 Good job with that!


      1. Really!? Haha! 😉 That’s the nice thing about cooking (for me) I guess, is that sometimes Mom or my sisters will offer to do the dishes (not usually my sisters… XD ) for me, if I make something! 😛 🙂 Mom said I should make something this weekend to take with me when I go to something with my friends… I’m thinking about Puppy Chow! 😉 Also known as Mud Buddies.. 🙂

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