Yesterday we baled hay we got 150 square bales.   Today we are doing a lot more bales and it is going to be for our own feed we are going to make. Its going to be fun trying to make our own feed ourselves. At least it is  fun to me.


Love the smell of hay! I’m so thankful it didn’t  rain yesterday.


I love baling hay it is so much fun and it could make you tired too! 😛



6 thoughts on “Hay

  1. Haying IS lots of fun!! 😀 🙂 I like it! 🙂 My favorite thing to do is the Raking probably.. oh… baling is fun too!! 😀 We do big round bales mainly though.. 😛 🙂


  2. We had a New Holland Baler with a hand start Wisconsin engine on it! It could really bale some hay. Farmall Tractors did not have live power take offs back then.


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