Late yesterday afternoon we split some woods but we didn’t get them all done because it was getting late.  They where wet so we had to let them sit on the ground till they dry.   Today was super hot so im glad we split wood yesterday.


After splitting I went to say hi to my horse and Natalie offered to take pictures so I said sure.  Here are pictures of me and Twilight,


Love this picture of Twilight she is such a pretty paint!
Giving her alfalfa,
I thought she was going to bite me in this picture. 😛




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  1. Aww, those were adorable pictures!! 😀 And that was a lot of firewood! 😀 We haven’t started chopping yet! 😛 🙂 Now I want to get pics of my Gadget buddy! Twilight is so prettY!!! 😀 😀 I loved your shirt too! 😉 😀 And muck boots! haha!! 😛 🙂


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